Vegpress Juicery is always looking for new dispensaries around Australia .

If you have a happy and healthy outlet and would like to become a Dispensary, Please contact us at


We are currently stocked at over 40 cafes and business’s over Sydney and should be coming to the location near you in the coming months.   

If you would like to stock Vegpress Juicery raw cold pressed juices at your cafe or location, shoot us an email at  and we will happily get those fridges stocked with our liquid gold.

 We also have pop stands at the local Farmers Market. It’s a great way for us to keep in touch with our local community to provide our juice to the people who helped us build this business.


Entertainment Quarter: 

Moore Park (Sydney): Saturday 8am- 2pm (Weekly)

Bondi Beach (Sydney): Saturday 8am-1pm (Weekly)









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